A brief history

Inspire9 is a community to support startups, freelancers and creatives in their growth.

It began in a triple level office space in Cremorne, inner Melbourne where a small group of people came together to work on their passion projects, seeking the company of bright, enthusiastic, awesome types.

Our motivation? To share the knowledge we’ve accrued on our journeys, learn a few things in the process, and work with others to help our businesses grow. We like to think that by giving substantial responsibility and opportunity to the people who walk through the doors, Inspire9 is generating small but significant social change.

Inspire9 has become a community in the truest sense. We share ideas, responsibilities and opportunities. In many instances we share music, hobbies, and even possessions. We share information: news, links, memes, stories, blogs, and much more. Forget minding our own business, we are each other’s business.

And the best part? It’s free to drop in.

The team

The Community team are here to help you make the most of your Inspire9 experience.

For our members, the community team are the platform for diving into ideas. They are the warm, friendly faces of familiarity that make your visit to the space a good one.

They’re just like regular members, with their own personal flavour to add to the space, but also take it upon themselves to make sure when exciting things happen in the space the right people hear about it. You can follow along with their banter on the social channels; Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, or catch a post or two on the i9 blog.

  • Melina

    Melina Chan

    General Manager

    Melina has been involved in the Inspire9 community since its inception and until recently has been Inspire9's foreign correspondent in Cambodia. After accepting a placement with AYAD in Cambodia, Melina cofounded the social enterprise Kinyei, where she worked on a group of community development projects to generate employment opportunities for young Cambodians.
    In Australia, Melina is known as a co-founder of Trampoline Day and a lover the Friday night institution that is Finishing School.

  • Jess

    Jess Genevieve Brown

    Community Manager

    Jess, AKA JGB, is a Canadian social media gun with a background in Film Studies. She speaks French fluently, loves stimulating conversation over dinners, drinks or coffee. When she's not busy socialising she can usually be found working from her laptop somewhere in Fitzroy. Jess puts a lot of her personal time into fitness, gigs, films and developing her passion projects through www.makingjgb.com

  • Katrina

    Katrina Hedditch

    Community Manager

    A self proclaimed Jill of all trades, Katrina's tenacity for getting things done allows her to shine as Space Captain for the Inspire9 community. Migrating from New Zealand in 2012, she joined Inspire9 alumni Sidekicker and has been a vital part of the day-to-day Inspire9 operations ever since. Katrina's competitive spirit has seen her lead numerous community events to demonstrate sportsmanship, including the most competitive Christmas game ever - Kris Kringle.

The space

We work from one of Richmond’s oldest buildings: the decommissioned Australian Knitting Mill which was established in 1910.

It’s now the home to several independent businesses, startups and individuals who drop in to use one of many available desks.

The members and residents work well individually, but work even better collaboratively. And when the need arises, theres ample opportunity for a relaxed game of table tennis, pool or foosball. We've even got a refurbished Mame arcade machine.

More often than not, people call in for the unique environment and then stay for the creative types who work and hang out in the space. Drop-ins (our nickname for members) become regulars, regulars become residents and before you know it, those original drop-ins are part of a community that’s better because of them.

Interested in checking out the space? Drop in today.