Our Space


We operate from one of Richmond’s oldest buildings: the decommissioned Australian Knitting Mill which was established in 1910.

The Australian Knitting Mills complex was at the centre of the Stewart-Tanner streets industrial development area from 1912 when the supply for World War One uniforms provided an opportunity and impetus for its expansion. The complex had another major building addition in 1922-5, the same time that the ‘Golden Fleece’ and ‘Kookaburra’ were established.

The AKM building now forms part of the Richmond Hill Heritage Overlay, which has strict planning rules protecting the history and character of the area. The space was laying dormant in 2011 when Inspire9 took the keys to level 1. The team quickly went about providing some needed love and attention with an emphasis on maintaining the heritage of the building and restoring the space to its natural glory.

This area has been central to Melbourne’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit for well over a century. We are honored to be able to continue that legacy.