Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there parking available on site?

A: There are a limited number of 2 hour parking spots but not much past that. Your best bet for regular parking is to look into

Q: Is there a 24/7 membership option?

A: There are a limited number of 24/7 memberships available by application. Ask a community manager about availability when you visit.

Q: Can I come for just a day?

A: You sure can. We have a limited number of day passes for just this reason. If you’re thinking of joining a coworking community you can also sign up for a free trial.

Q: Do you offer trial passes?

A: We do! We'd love for you to come in for a day to really get the feel for our community.

Q: How far from public transport are you?

A: We are 50 meters from Richmond Station.

Q: What kind if businesses are in the space?

A: The businesses in our space vary considerably. We have tech startups, freelancers, remote workers and service providers. Our community represent a rainbow of industries from travel, health, HR, FMCG, Education, and Design to name a few.

Q: Do you have meeting rooms available?

A: Yes! We have a variety of meeting rooms and breakout spaces available ranging from 4-person areas up to a 25 person workshop or boardroom. Our meeting rooms are only available for our members, however.

Q: Do you have a boardroom style space for meetings?

A: We have two. One holds up to about 10 people and the other up to 25. They both have a screen or projector and whiteboards.

Q: What are your opening hours?

A: We are open to the public from 9am till 5pm Monday - Friday.

Q: Can I bring guests in for meetings?

A: You sure can! We don't have a formal receptionist but one of our team members will always be at the front desk area to greet your meeting guests.

Q: What is the notice period for membership cancellation?

A: For individuals and teams of up to four people we require 30 days notice for cancellation. Terms vary for larger teams based on your situation.

Q: Do you provide tea/coffee? What other amenities?

A: We provide batch brewed coffee and a variety of teas. We provide basic consumables like paper towels, staples, tape and a fully stocked kitchen of cutlery and dishes. We have two refrigerators for you to store food in, dry food storage, two microwaves, a toaster and a sandwich press.

Q: Do you have space for bikes?

A: Yes. We have a small bike parking area in our space and an overflow, lockable, bike parking area outside our laneway behind a private gate.

Q: Do you offer private offices?

A: Nope. We are a purely collaborative coworking space. If you're at the point where you and your team need to be anti-social for most of the day, we probably aren't the right fit for you.

Q: will you sponsor my event?

A: We are happy to help co-produce events as well as help promote some events when there is a clear case for shared value however we are very protective of our members’ time and attention. We are not able to sponsor any events with cash or large venue hosting at this time.